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Glenview Doors® Steel Frame Glass Doors
Quote EST W4 48x96 Pivot Door

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GD-EST W4 48x96 Pivot

Available in Custom Sizes

Pivot Steel Exterior Door

EST-W4-Pivot Steel & Glass Exterior Door - Single, Custom


This Pivot Model Collection

Pivot Door

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Glenview Doors W4 model showcases four glass panels that creates a gorgeous, yet simplistic design that fits perfectly in any modern home. Our steel doors are sturdy, sleek, and minimalistic, allowing them to fit a variety of different architectural styles that can be found in the North Shore area. We are proud to be able to offer these doors as quick-ship items in set sizes and designs, as well as the option to totally customize these units. With your selection on dimensions, style, finishes and glass, these doors truly can become one-of-a-kind.

Our exterior steel doors utilize the most advance technology available, combined with a fiberglass-reinforced polyamide insulator, thermally broken steel frame, and argon gas insulated double-glazed glass. The combination of these technologies and features ensures that these doors will provide great weather resistance while still allowing for exceptional views.

Our four-glass panel exterior steel door creates the perfect steel exterior door to complement that minimalistic aesthetic. These simplistic, sleek and sturdy steel doors integrate beautifully into any modern, industrial, transitional, and traditional architectural style of home in the North Shore area. With two single door size options, and a double door option both with the option of double sidelites the potential to customize and incorporate this particular model is limitless.

Exterior Steel Door Corner Sample

FerroFinestra W75 TB

The FerroFinestra W75 TB system is the latest development from Ottostumm. The W75 TB system features slim lines and a visible and tactile surface. This system represents the most technologically advanced thermally insulated steel and glass system in our portfolio. The profile depth of 75 mm allows the accommodation of highly energy-efficient insulating glazing up to 52 mm and the fiberglass-reinforced polyamide insulator guarantees excellent thermal insulation, making the system ideal for projects in climatically demanding regions, where energy-saving regulations are extremely high.


Colors Available in Gloss Finish

Steel Exterior Door Color - RAL-9003
Steel Exterior Door Color - RAL-7016
Steel Exterior Door Color - RAL-7021
Steel Exterior Door Color - RAL-9004
Steel Exterior Door Color - RAL-9005

Colors Available in Matt Finish

Steel Exterior Door Color - RAL-7016
Steel Exterior Door Color - RAL-7021
Steel Exterior Door Color - RAL-9004
Steel Exterior Door Color - RAL-9005


(sold separately)
Steel Door Handle - Steel handrail 20
Steel Door Handle - Steel handrail 20
Steel Door Handle - Steel handrail 20
Steel Door Handle - Steel handrail 20

Please specify in the comments box below if you selected different finish or lever style of the Handle Hardware on

Glass Divided Lites

A lite refers to each separately framed piece of glass on a window or door. A mullion is the line that forms a division in a window or door and this division can either be a real, or simulated.

True Divided Lites(TDL): the glass on the window isn't a single piece, but multiple pieces separated by mullions that go through the glass.

Simulated Divided Lites (SDL): the glass is a large, single piece with mullions placed on top of the glass, but they don’t cut through it.

True Divided Lites - TDL

True Divided Lites
  • Easy to maintain and clean; if a piece of the unit is damaged, you can easily repair it without affecting the rest of the lites
  • Structurally has more strength due to more bars stabilizing the window
  • High-end look. Width: 1-5/8".

Simulated Divided Lites - SDL

Simulated Divided Lites
  • Most cost-effective
  • Gives a similar appearance to TDL
  • SDL allow narrower width in mullions: 3.4".

Exterior Steel Door Profiles

Flat-to-Flat TDL

TDL Flat-to-Flat

Flat-to-Angled-Shape TDL

TDL Flat-to-Angled-Shape

Flat-to-T-Shape TDL

TDL Flat-to-T-Shape

Flat-to-Flat SDL

SDL Flat-to-Flat

Flat-to-Triangle SDL

SDL Flat-to-Triangle

Flat-to-T-Shape SDL

SDL Flat-to-T-Shape

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