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Glenview Doors® Steel Frame Glass Doors

Steel & Glass Interior Door - GD-STL-W4-36x96-DD

Available in Custom Sizes

Interior Steel Door

DD Steel Interior Door

STL-W4-DD Steel Interior Door
Double, Custom
Slab: 36 x 96"
Unit: 73-7/8 x 97-3/8"


These architectural masterpieces of steel and glass intertwine elegance and resilience, opening up spaces with a touch of contemporary allure. This model showcases 4 panels of glass divided by thin mullions to add a level of design that is effortless. As you glide them open, the fusion of steel and glass reveals an architectural spectacle that effortlessly blurs the boundaries between interior spaces, creating an ambiance of seamless elegance. Unlock the potential of your space with steel and glass interior doors. Their unique fusion of strength, transparency, and contemporary design elevate any room.

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850 Lunt Avenue, #B3, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 877.379.3667

Types of Fittings Available with Magnetick Lock

Glenview Doors offers a good selection of different handle options for out steel and glass doors. When purchasing these doors, handle options can help to tie the whole look together. With different options for our doors, we are sure to have something for every style.


Steel Door Handle - Steel handrail 20
Steel Door Handle - Steel handle 25
Steel Door Handle - Pull 30
Steel Door Handle - Pull 50

Steel Handle
(1-point lock, opened only with a handle)

Steel Door Handle - Loft handle (standard)
Steel Door Handle - LUCY handle
Steel Door Handle - Square handle
Steel Door Handle - Modern handle

Steel Handle
(1-point lock with a patent insert)

Steel Door Handle - LONG handle
Steel Door Handle - LUCY handle
Steel Door Handle - Square handle

Steel Handle
(1-point lock with a WC type insert)

Steel Door Handle - LUCY handle
Steel Door Handle - Square handle

Glass Available

We are proud to offer a variety of different glass options for our custom steel and glass doors. These glass options can provide a variety of different looks. Selecting different glass options can change the style of your door offering more privacy, textures, and more. With your choice of glass, these doors can truly fit any design you are looking to achieve.

Clear glass
Satinato glass
Bronze  Glass
Graphite  Glass
Satinato-Graphite glass
Dark-Graphite glass
Fluted glass
Fluted-Matt glass
Estriado glass
Wired glass

Colors Available

Steel Exterior Door Color - RAL-7016
Steel Exterior Door Color - RAL-7021
Steel Exterior Door Color - RAL-9004
Steel Exterior Door Color - RAL-9005
Steel Door Color - RAL-9003

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Interior Steel Door

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