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Glenview Doors® Steel Frame Glass Doors

Steel & Glass Interior Door - GD-STL-W4-29x94-DD

Available in Custom Sizes

Interior Steel Door

DD Steel Interior Door

STL-W4-DD Quick-Ship Steel Interior Door
Double - Narrow (Quick-Ship), Quick-Ship
Unit: 60 x 96"


Step into elegance with our W4 model – an interior steel and glass door that seamlessly marries style and functionality. This readily available door exemplifies the perfect equilibrium between form and function. Featuring a single glass pane and three horizontal mullions across, this modern interior door creates a captivating visual impact, allowing an influx of natural light into your living space. The W4’s dimensions of either 32" x 96" for our single door or 60" x 96" for our double doors ensure compatibility with various designs. Although customization is minimal, We guarantee uncompromising quality and meticulous craftsmanship in every door, making the W4 a perfect, cost-effective choice with reduced lead times.

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850 Lunt Avenue, #B3, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 877.379.3667

Types of Fittings Available

Steel handle
(1-point lock, opened only with a handle)

Steel Door Handle - Modern handle
Steel Door Handle - Square handle

Glass Available

Clear glass

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Interior Steel Door

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